Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies
Funeral Celebrant Services - $500

We are available to officiate funeral and memorial services, whether the need is for a non-denominational religious ceremony or for a humanist (non-religious) celebrant. Funeral homes are the usual point of contact for arranging the services of a funeral officiant/celebrant in cases where the departed person was not an active member of a faith community. Because Chattanooga Wedding Officiants is not affiliated with any area funeral homes, the loved one's family will need to contact us directly and make a specific request to the funeral director in order to coordinate our services with them. Once this is arranged, the officiant/celebrant will speak with one or two family members who can provide him with the needed information to create an appropriate ceremony for their loved one.  

Funeral Ceremony Pre-Planning - $300

I would urge anyone who desires a specific type of funeral/memorial ceremony to be performed on their passing that they include specific instructions to this effect in his or her will and funeral pre-planning guide to ensure that their wishes are honored in this regard. I am happy to work with anyone who would like us to create a personalized funeral/memorial ceremony for $300.