Organizational Structure

Regarding organizational structure, due to the complexity of the tax laws governing nonprofit organizations, the decision was made to structure Crossvine Church as a "for profit" enterprise under the sole proprietorship of Reverend Ramsey.  In doing so, we feel that our tax status as a business in no way compromises our legitimacy as a ministry (for an excellent discussion of this subject, click here).  While as with any other ministry we welcome contributions from those who support our work, one should be aware that contributions made to our ministry are not tax-deductible. As our ministry grows, however, we will continue to explore the possibility of restructuring as a nonprofit organization, and will announce here any future changes we may make in this regard.  
That said, if you feel moved to make non-tax-deductible
gift to Crossvine Church, then please feel free to do so by clicking on the below "Make a Gift" button. We are most grateful for whatever amount you choose to contribute, and you may rest assured that your gifts will be directly invested into the development of our evolving mission.