Music Ministry

Crossvine Church embraces the sacred power of music to inspire and connect us with our true nature. Indeed, in its highest form music itself constitutes an act of worship, prayer, or meditation, and it is in this sense that Reverend Ramsey offers his services as a pastoral musician and includes music as part of her ministry. 

Krissy Ramsey is a Chattanooga-based singer/songwriter whose romantic, Celtic-tinged folk rock blends British progressive sensibilities with a dash of Scenic City soul.* Following in the ancient bardic tradition, her songs chronicle life in the modern South, updating the Appalachian folk music tradition for the 21st century. Inspired by the beauty of the Tennessee Valley and infused with archetypal images and meaningful social commentary, Krissy's lyrics evoke the collective consciousness where the spirit meets the flesh.

Krissy's visionary album, On the Dying Breath of Wisdom, was released in 2012. Produced and arranged by keyboardist/composer, Joseph Akins, and engineered by Glass Hammer's Fred Schendel, the album features guest appearances by Unita on backup vocals and former Legend guitarist, Ed Holub. The music combines introspective lyrics, captivating melodies, and lush keyboards with a mix of folk, rock, pop, and classical elements reminiscent of the British art rock of the 1970’s. Its ten songs comprise a musical portrait of Krissy's spiritual evolution as reflected in her relationships and the historical events of the time, and offers the timeless message that humankind has the power to realize its highest destiny by transcending age-old divisions and embracing the unity of all life.

In his review of Krissy's visionary album in The Chattanooga Pulse of November 18, 2015, Marc Michael writes, “[Krissy] Ramsey’s On the Dying Breath of Wisdom is simply lovely music.  Contemporary folk...The music is pure retro and pure gold." 

JamSphere Magazine's Robbie Tee on November 23, 2016, says, “As an Art Rock influenced artist, [Krissy] Ramsey is a bit different. Avoiding the virtuoso-hero ideals and overblown symphonic textures of the genre, and that of Progressive Rock, Ramsey blends Elizabethan and Celtic themes with 20th century contemporary folk and rock. The result is a coherent whole that makes philosophical and artistic sense… Though melodic, organic and subtle in its execution, the album is emotionally and intellectually gripping throughout.” 

And Indie Band Guru (Grant Looper, November 20, 2016) wrote,“Finding a skilled musician who can write meaningful lyrics is always rewarding. These musicians have become something of a rare-breed in popular music, and that’s why artists like [Krissy]Ramsey are refreshing to listen to. His introspective lyrics and captivating melodies illustrate his knowledge of what music is at its essence: an artistic medium.”

Krissy's music has been dominating the ReverbNation Chattanooga charts, hitting #1 in the folk genre in December, 2015 (and recently peaked at #79 regionally and 125th nationally). He also finished #8 in the March, 2016 "The Cut" international music competition, and is coming off well-received performances at the Chattanooga's Barking Legs Theater, Ooltewah's Wired Coffee Bar, and Java Monkey (Decatur, Georgia), as well as this year's Red Bank Jubilee Festival and Audubon Acres' Little Owl Festival.

Krissy is currently available for regional live performance bookings. She only performs his original songs (no covers) in a 1-hour or 2-hour solo/acoustic format. She can provide his own amplification for small venue performances but will require larger venues to provide a PA system/sound support. Krisy's sweet Southern folk sound is the perfect accompaniment for fine dining establishments, cafes, wedding receptions, house concerts, community events, country fairs, river cruises, or for anyone who desires add a touch of musical class to their event or venue. Fees vary depending on size of venue, distance from Chattanooga**, and length of set, but if you think you can't find excellent live music at a reasonable price, you're wrong. Krissy will work out an acceptable offer for you, so you can't afford not to give her a try. Book Krissy today. You won't be disappointed!.  

Specifically regarding weddings, for couples desiring to add a touch of musical class to their weddings, Krissy  is available to perform his original songs for wedding receptions and/or as part of the ceremony!

For more information, please call us at (423) 475-3382.

*Genres: Folk, folk rock, progressive folk, contemporary folk, Celtic rock, adult contemporary, art rock, soft rock, progressive rock, adult contemporary. Primary influences: 70s/80s British folk rock (Al Stewart, Strawbs, Sandy Denny, Magna Carta, Renaissance, Yes, Renaissance, Fairport Convention, Alan Parsons Project,  Rick Wakeman, Chris de Burgh, Pentangle, NIck Drake, Jethro Tull,  Moody Blues).

**Baseline Booking Rates:

1-Hour Show = $200
2-Hour Show = $300

Special rates may be able to be negotiated with the artist, depending upon other factors. An additional travel charge applies to bookings in venues over 20 miles from downtown Chattanooga ($50 for every 20 miles beyond the initial 20-mile radius).