Handfasting (which in Old English means "to formally promise, to make a contract") is an alternate form of wedding ceremony dating back hundreds of years. Adopted by Wiccans and Pagans as an alternative to "marriage," handfasting can either signify a commitment between the couple for "year and a day" or for a lifetime.

The officiant's binding of the couple's hands together with a cord or ribbon during the ceremony is the origin of the expression, "tying the knot." While handfasting ceremonies often include various elements of Pagan ritual (e.g. casting of the Circle, calling of the Quarters, jumping over the broom, etc.), the handfasting ritual itself may also be effectively 
incorporated into non-Pagan wedding ceremonies, providing a nice balance for Christian, atheist, agnostic couples, etc., who have strong Celtic/Earth-based spiritual leanings.

Our handfasting ceremonies may be performed either with or without legal marriage, and modified to incorporate varying degrees of Pagan symbolism, based on the wishes of the couple. 

We offer a Standard handfasting ceremony for $300 and a Personalized handfasting ceremony for $500. All couples whose handfasting ceremony I officiate receive the below Certificate of Handfasting issued by the Universal Life Church Seminary.

In addition, with the Personalized handfasting ceremony, the couple receives a copy of the book, Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing by Raven Kaldera and Tannin Schwartzstein, which serves as the basis for designing a ceremony that meets the needs of the couple.

The same 
Terms of Service
 that apply to my wedding ceremonies apply to our handfasting ceremonies.